Seeds to Table

I love and adore plants, flowers, trees, veggies, and berries! I love all plantes but basically, if it starts from a seed and can nourish you, I am interested in experimenting with it! I believe you are what you eat (and drink…) and I do my best to source a lot of my food from my garden or from what I can wildcraft* in my area.  And I also love to share my experiences in gardening, harvesting, preserving, etc.

This page is thus dedicated to what I’ll be sharing in my gardening ways, from seed to table. How I preserve my garden produce for my pantry, make my loose tea, how I dry and mix my herbs to use year-round, and how I build our soil. I even create my own smoke blend and much of my medicine from what I grow in my garden. Stick around because the days have just started getting longer which means Spring is around the corner!!! One of the most magical times of the year when you love to plant seeds and watch them grow.

*wildcraft: to gather herbs, plants, berries, and fungi from the wild

Mother Nature has brought us more snow then usual on Cortes Island this winter, I consider it her way of banking water for the next garden season. Here I am with my Sunflower from last years garden. I’m looking forward to the upcoming season!!!