Anahata (Heart) Chakra

This month at Om Studio I will be centering my practice around the theme of the Heart Chakra, which feels appropriate since this is a time of year when many people think about their relationships with loved ones. Now I’m not much for hallmark celebrations, which sometimes feel forced on us, and I also think that we can share our heart all year round… but I do believe in love, compassion, gratitude and harmony!


The Heart Chakra is associated with the body parts and organs that include the heart, the circulatory system, the lungs and the immune system. Since February is the coldest month of the year so far in Canada these all seem very appropriate to work on at this time of year. The energetic association with the Heart Chakra includes love, compassion, giving, gratitude, joy, and relationships.

When this Chakra is balanced, we can feel love and compassion for ourselves and for others. It becomes easier for us to receive love and we are also more generous and our relationships flourish. We also feel in harmony with our body, mind, and soul. The colour associated with this Chakra is green (and also sometimes pink), which as an artist I find very interesting since in colour theory, the colour green represents harmony… wink wink!


Please join me on the mat at Om Studio, Monday to Friday. Doors open at 8:45 am class starts a 9 am for an hour of Karma Vinyasa Flow.


Laura Balducci


Artwork: Tree Mandala © Paloma Vita 2015 –


New Month, New Yoga Class!

Karma Vinyasa Flow

By donation

Suitable for yogis with some experience with asanas who would like to continue to learn, challenge themselves, and build confidence in their practice. I offer a balanced practice of movement and flow with all the relaxing aspects inherent in yoga. I invite you to join me for a daily class, or as your schedule allows.

February 1st – March 1st

Monday to Friday

9:00 to 10:00 am

at Om Studio @ Manson’s Hall

Cortes Island B.C. Canada

Doors open at 8:45 am so we can start on the hour. Come find your spot and see you on the mat! Please use the back entrance at the top of the stairs.


Modifications, assistances and props all come with, and are very valuable to, your Yoga practice. Each of us are individuals with our unique life experience, and over time, we each developed our own issues but there is no reason to let these obstacles stand in the way of our growth!!!

Side Plank – Vasisthasana

Not my easiest pose as I have my own issues – I am going on 49 this year and have had my share of car accidents, and snowboard and bike wipe-outs, I also inherited degenerative disc disease and carpal tunnel syndrome from years of hairdressing. I have learned that it’s my body, my practice, and my asana! And with a few modifications, I can now hold Vasisthasana using my breath to focus, gazing down instead of up and adjusting my arm to take the pressure off my wrist. The key is to use what we have instead of putting the pressure of being perfect is what makes your practice your own, which makes it more rewarding and represents actual self-care!!!!🧘🏻‍♀️

tights by code balducciyoga


Personal Regime!

Do you have an exercice regimen you follow, if so I would love to hear about it?

I will get the ball rolling by sharing mine.  Every health buff says you should have a regimen and to be honest, I believe them. I know how I feel when I don’t exercise daily! I’m stiff, which means my body hurts, my spine feels compressed and I usually get a migraine. My personal regimen consists of a combo of routines and they all have their part in assisting me be the best I can be that day – I say “that day” because every day is different and I like to switch it up. The way I approach designing exercice regimens for others can be summed up by my philosophy: find a form of exercise that works for you, builds your strength, and fits with your lifestyle and that’s what I do too! I love my routine; it sets me up for whatever my day will bring me so I do it every morning before I go teach my yoga class. Below is a picture of my props. Props assist us to deepen certain poses and achieve that pose we’re working on to the best of our bodies’ abilities.


I start with finding a spot in my house to lay down my mat with enough space to move around and do my regimen. I start my practise with the foot rehab and it usually tells me what area needs attention that day, kind of like reflexology. I love Yamuna ball rolling, I think many people could benefit from trying it (I learned from a great teacher on Cortes Island, Namchi Bazaar; you can check out her website: to learn more about her. I have learned so much in her classes that I can now include in my daily practice and I also still attend the classes she offers. This is so good for rolling out fascia).

Then I do the Pilates part of my routine. I use my block under my neck for some of the core movements. I believe that building your core is of great benefit for anyone with spinal issues and that the work you do on your mat will support you for the rest of your day. I then move on to my yoga which consists of stretches, breath, Sun Salutations and I practice my sequences for the classes that I teach. I use my strap in both my Pilates and yoga exercices to help with my stretching and I also use my Pranamat for my standing Asana and for Savasana (resting pose) where I get to meditate and receive a massage at the same time all while wearing my trusted Bewildher tights (my favs).

The whole process takes me about an hour or so, and then of course it’s time to get my trusted canine assistants Betty and Cali out for their daily power walk on the abundance of trails at our doorsteps;  these walks ranges from half an hour to an hour. So there you have it, my morning regimen! Please share your regimen with us, curious minds want to know! If you don’t already have one and are interested in starting one, please email me and let’s chat!!!

If you are interested in the Pranamat and Bewildher products, please check out these websites: code LAURA        – code balducciyoga


Karma Yoga

As the new year approaches, it seems like a good time to reflect on the last year, create room for some new habits, and move forward with the endless possibilities of the new. A good way to get in the flow is to create the intentional desire to give yourself an hour every day for some self-care, movement, breathing and be all that you can be!


I will be offering my first session of Karma Yoga by donation of the year from January 7th to February 1st at Om Studio in Manson’s Hall. I invite all of you – my neighbours and visitors alike – to join me to “awaken yourself from the inside out” using breath, postures and  movement, and get 2019 started in a positive direction. Doors open at  9 am! Come find a spot and get prepared for a 60-min class which includes Regenerative and Vinyasa flow yoga on Mondays to Fridays.

In case group classes are not your thing or you have specific needs you would like to address, please email me to book a private session. I am offering time slots on Mondays to Fridays at 10:30 am for free consultations to sit with you and create a plan that suits your lifestyle and needs.

For more information please email:

Wishing you peace and harmony

Laura Balducci