Ambassador – a person who promotes a product or brand that they believe in and helps spread the word, and who also gets a little incentive either with a percentage of sale or free products.

photo by Richard Trueman – code LAURA   | – code balducciyoga

Over the past few years, I have found a few products that have either helped me enormously or that I totally stand behind ethically. I believe in self-care and I also believe in doing our part to be conscious of the products we use; are they environmentally aware? What materials do they use in their product ? Who actually made the product? And what do they use for packaging? These are all good questions to ask before making our choice as consumers and voting with our purchasing power. Self-care is one of the most valuable things we can give ourselves! If we take care of ourselves we can better achieve our goals and help others. Taking care of ourselves is not selfish even if it feels like it sometimes.


It took me a long to accept the idea that self-care is not selfish, but I’m sure glad I saw the light in the end. I have degenerative disc disease and with that comes ongoing pain, issues, and migraines due to my bones rubbing against each other. A few years back, I discovered the Pranamat []. I did a lot of research into its benefits, and then I tried it and never looked back. It’s a portable massage and reflexology mat that relieves pain and promotes sleep… and it’s easy to travel with! When my migraines creep up, I lie on my mat and pillow and I can feel the tension melt away; I also use my mini mat in my yoga practise for standing poses and Savasana. It’s pretty crazy that one mat set can be so useful, especially when we know its made out of linen, coconut fibres and buckwheat hulls! It’s beautifully made and is shipped in a reusable box with no plastic (except for the biodegradable lotus flowers).  I applied to be an ambassador for Pranamat because it changed my life and I believe in their product. If I can help one person with their pain or issues, or with treating themselves to some self-care, then I have succeeded in my passion to help people feel great and healthy. If you or a loved one suffers from back pain, insomnia, or other such issues, or if you are active and love or need to treat yourself or a loved one, then check out their website for more info, and use my code as you checkout!

Code : LAURA


I am a big fan of wearing leggings as I live an active life from my morning yoga practice and dog walks to my gardening and everything in between. I also believe in the slow-fashion movement, creating as needed, or when ordered as it means less waste is created and dumped in landfills, an you also get a better-quality product as each article is custom made. When I discovered Bewildher [] which is locally made in Squamish, BC, I was intrigued. I bought a pair of their leggings and I fell in love with their products! I am so happy to support such an innovative active wear brand that promotes and creates thoughtful movement forward for the future. I am wearing my favourite in the photo above, my black-base layer-leggings. First off  you can wear them on and off the mat, they’re breathable which means they are great in warm temperatures and cold; the company plants a tree every time a purchase is made and a percentage of every sale goes to educate young girls and build their confidence. They also create their own materials from 80% recycled plastic bottles, each legging is made to order (slow-fashion) and you don’t get saggy knees! To find out more please visit their website and use my code at check out.