What a year!

This time last year ( 2018 ) I was just finishing my 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Renew. It was an incredible experience that opened many doors. My mission was to be able to bring more knowledge to my home practice but by the time I was certified I had a desire to share.

In January 2019 I rented a studio space and was offering public classes and private sessions. By summer I booked my first workshop which was such a fantastic experience called “Nourished by Nature”. I took a group of 11 students on a nature walk with the assistantance of an up coming herblist Autumn Willow. We walked the lush forests and talked about the many trees and plants that have multiple way to be used from medicine, tea’s and edible. Then continued to a white sandy beach, it was a stunning day, the sun was shining and the ocean was calm. Ending in Savanasa taking in the salty fresh air, it was such pleasure to share my passion for nature and yoga. “Movement and Plants is my thing”, I plan to do more workshops in the future!

This fall I have been taking advantage of the opportunity that I have a life time access to my online course and just finished reviewing the 200 hours. I believe we are constantly learning and there is so much to learn. I’m getting ready to embark my round of courses with Kristin Weber Science of Slow and The Yoga & Neuroscience Connection. I plan to take my 300 hrs in the future. It’s been such a pleasure to be able to share my yoga adventures, knowledge and inspire others to give yoga a try. If your interested in expanding your yoga experience check out the link.