Get Outdoors

After a colder than usual winter, Spring is now in full effect! It is the perfect time to take your yoga practice Outdoors!

Being out in nature has a profound effect on our energy, it revitalizes us, helps us ground, and provides us with the feeling we had as a child every time we got out in nature ā€“ Running wild without a care in the world, the wind in our hair, listening to the sounds of birds, bugs and frogs all around, gazing up into the sky, soaking up the warmth of  the sun (along with some vitamin D!) ā€“ and it brings a whole new dimension to our personal practice, whether it’s a one-on-one session, a public class at sunset, or a simple mindful walk through the trails to the white sand beach to meditate. Being outdoors is natural but in this day and age, it’s has become harder to give ourself the time to get out there… but it’s worth it!

I just spent the month of April creating an outdoor studio nestled in the forest on our property, where I am now offering private sessions. A one-on-one approach to assist you reach your goals and create a plan that suits your needs and lifestyle. I am looking forward to sharing my new space with my friends, neighbours, clients, and visitors. For private sessions please email me to schedule a free half-hour consultation and see if we can be a good fit.

Of course, the beautiful space I created has also become a hub for many other meditative pursuits such as knitting, creating yarn on my spinning wheel, soaking up the sunshine, listening to nature, sharing a pot of tea and conversation.