It took me a long to accept the idea that self-care is not selfish, but I’m sure glad I saw the light in the end. I have degenerative disc disease and with that comes ongoing pain, issues, and migraines due to my bones rubbing against each other. A few years back, I discovered the Pranamat. I did a lot of research into its benefits, and then I tried it and never looked back. It’s a portable massage and reflexology mat that relieves pain, promotes blood circulation and sleep… and it’s easy to travel with! When my migraines creep up, I lie on my mat and pillow and I can feel the tension melt away; I also use my mini mat in my yoga practise for standing poses and Savasana.  If I can help one person with their pain or issues, or with treating themselves to some self-care, then I have succeeded in my passion to help people feel great and healthy. If you or a loved one suffers from back pain, insomnia, or other such issues, or if you are active and love or need to treat yourself or a loved one, then check out the link