Anahata (Heart) Chakra

This month at Om Studio I will be centering my practice around the theme of the Heart Chakra, which feels appropriate since this is a time of year when many people think about their relationships with loved ones. Now I’m not much for hallmark celebrations, which sometimes feel forced on us, and I also think that we can share our heart all year round… but I do believe in love, compassion, gratitude and harmony!


The Heart Chakra is associated with the body parts and organs that include the heart, the circulatory system, the lungs and the immune system. Since February is the coldest month of the year so far in Canada these all seem very appropriate to work on at this time of year. The energetic association with the Heart Chakra includes love, compassion, giving, gratitude, joy, and relationships.

When this Chakra is balanced, we can feel love and compassion for ourselves and for others. It becomes easier for us to receive love and we are also more generous and our relationships flourish. We also feel in harmony with our body, mind, and soul. The colour associated with this Chakra is green (and also sometimes pink), which as an artist I find very interesting since in colour theory, the colour green represents harmony… wink wink!


Please join me on the mat at Om Studio, Monday to Friday. Doors open at 8:45 am class starts a 9 am for an hour of Karma Vinyasa Flow.


Laura Balducci


Artwork: Tree Mandala © Paloma Vita 2015 –