Modifications, assistances and props all come with, and are very valuable to, your Yoga practice. Each of us are individuals with our unique life experience, and over time, we each developed our own issues but there is no reason to let these obstacles stand in the way of our growth!!!

Side Plank – Vasisthasana

Not my easiest pose as I have my own issues – I am going on 49 this year and have had my share of car accidents, and snowboard and bike wipe-outs, I also inherited degenerative disc disease and carpal tunnel syndrome from years of hairdressing. I have learned that it’s my body, my practice, and my asana! And with a few modifications, I can now hold Vasisthasana using my breath to focus, gazing down instead of up and adjusting my arm to take the pressure off my wrist. The key is to use what we have instead of putting the pressure of being perfect is what makes your practice your own, which makes it more rewarding and represents actual self-care!!!!🧘🏻‍♀️

tights by code balducciyoga


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